Love Song 

Love Song

I am drenched with your soul
Infused with your love
The wild beating of my heart
Matches its cadence with yours

I am in love.

Or is it love?

What is this dark
Almost rabid emotion
That pulls my life force from its being?

My every thought
My every breath
Belong to you

And my inner self
Quakes in need
The need of your touch
The need of your heated breath warming my body
The need of your mind touching mine.

The moon rises
Golden light spills from my cupped hands
Onto your warm flesh
And I trace our initials
As my heart is with yours
As our souls are together

Is this love?

I am yours
To the deepest edges of the blackening sky
To the furthest reaches of the star-studded night
To the end of the sun-gold tipped horizon.

I am yours.

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